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ouija Hello... or Good Bye... as Ouija Spirits may Decide? ouija

Online Ouija BoardFelt PlanchetteThis website was created out of inspiration to develop a decent, real, online, Computer / Ouija Board interface. Most website based Ouija Boards make you use a keyboard to type questions that yeild only pre-programmed answers.

Our Online Ouija Boards are designed to be completely void of programming, so that it is just you, and whatever Spirits you may contact, moving your finger across the computer track pad, iPad screen, or any other touch screen devices.

*** Please check out our Instructions before you begin using the Online Ouija Boards ***

We hope you enjoy this website, and that you will continue to frequent our online Spirit Boards to make the contacts and communication that you require. This is not a game or joke website, but rather a real interface for those that are serious about contacting various entities in the Spirit World.

Who is Goatdis Mhuad?... We will find out!... Follow our progress on our Forum Board

Please join our FORUM BOARD on the CONTACT US page and BLOG on our INSTRUCTIONS page!

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